With the growing concern about the spread of Coronavirus and how it may impact our communities, the health and safety of our residents remain our top priority on all the campuses at Deaconess Abundant Life Communities. Infection control has always been a top priority for our organization and our dedication to providing a safe environment for our residents, and the staff who care for them, is unwavering. We continue to diligently monitor information and guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We remain committed to inform and educate, while remaining available to answer any questions residents and families may have.

Rockridge Is Fresh!

At Rockridge we value fresh food, we joined an organization called CISA. Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture is a group that is committed to keeping local grown produce in local establishments. At Rockridge we are fortunate enough to sustain 95 percent of local farm food in Rockridge. Dining at Rockridge you will enjoy fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals such as swordfish, stuffed peppers, pork tenderloin, and pasta and meatballs. We have an onsite baker that makes fresh deserts, We know that freshness matters and at Rockridge we aim to deliver.

  • Dining Fresh

Meet the Kitchen

Matthew Botler

Director of Dining services