An Unrelenting Focus on Safety

See how we keep our residents, our staff, and our visitors safe with state-of-the-art technology, precautions, and protocols.

Safety has always been a priority here at Rockridge Retirement Community, regardless of a pandemic. See how we have overcome the challenges of COVID-19 in order to prioritize the continued safety of our residents and staff using the latest tools and strategies.

Our Strict Infection Control Policies Include:


Fastidious Daily Symptom Screening & Tracking

Our procedures on daily symptom screening and tracking of all residents and staff is performed by clinical staff to ensure the utmost safety.


Stringent Testing Surveillance Strategy of all Staff Members

Testing and surveillance strategy is followed by all staff members and includes contact tracing in order to prevent any possible risks.


Proper Use of Quality Personal Protective Equipment

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory and worn in compliance with CDC guidelines and instructions.


Strict Adherence to CDC Instruction & Working with DPH

Our staff closely monitors any current and new CDC protocols and works closely with the local Department of Health to fully ensure the health and safety of its staff and residents.

Your Safety Means Everything To Us

The Latest Air Purification Technology

The Nanostrike Defend 1050

Effective down to molecules as small as 1nm, the NanoStrike technology behind this portable air purifier kills and deactivates pathogens in sub-seconds, and uses multiple inactivation processes to ensure there is no opportunity for future antimicrobial resistance.

In other words, it is not messing around when it comes to killing viruses, and we trust it to keep our air virus-free.

Disinfecting Every Surface

VP200ES Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

Our staff is busy spraying down every surface with these electrostatic handheld sprayers, which charge the disinfectant particles to make sure that they cling to every surface in every direction.

We do several passes per day throughout the facility as well as more frequently in high-traffic areas.

Listen to What Our Experts Have to Say

Rockridge and the COVID-19 Vaccine

“If 30% to 50% of the population don't get vaccinated, the efficacious vaccine has no chance of becoming effective in the community.”

– Dr. Fauci

Message from Chris Sintros, CEO

To the Deaconess Community:

It’s been a nice surprise to hear escalating talks of a covid-19 vaccine.  After all we’ve been through, it’s encouraging to hear that a long term solution could be imminent.  I hope that it’s an opportunity to advocate one more time for our families and for the people we serve.

With that in mind, we will need to educate ourselves and each other on the options that may become available.  The Boston Globe reported this afternoon that vaccines could reach Massachusetts within 15 days.  We will continue to share information with you as we have it.

In the meantime, please read the article linked here:

In Dr. Fauci's words: Why Americans shouldn't fear a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA

There is also a moving YouTube linked as well.  

I’m proud to work alongside you and thank you for your service to our residents.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

These FAQs are meant to provide basis information for educational purposes. Be sure to review the Pfizer-BioNTech EAU FDA Fact Sheet, and consult your primary care physician for questions related to your personal medical health.

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines stimulate the human body’s own protective immune responses so that, if a person is infected with a pathogen, the immune system can quickly prevent the infection from spreading within the body and causing disease. In this way, vaccines mimic natural infection but without actually causing the person to become sick. People have asymptomatic infection but can still transmit the virus to others. Most vaccines do not completely prevent infection but do prevent the infection from spreading within the body and from causing disease.

What side effects were identified in the trials?

Most people do not have serious problems after being vaccinated. During the trials, some people reported mild to moderate side effects including soreness or redness at the injection site, headache, fatigue, and fever that may last for a few days. These side effects are a sign that your immune system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

What about safety of this vaccine?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carefully reviews all safety data from clinical trials and an authorizes emergency vaccine use only when the expected benefits outweigh potential risks.

How long will protection last following vaccination?

We do not know how long protection will last following vaccination but it will be critically important to measure long-term protection (at least two years) in the phase 3 trials.

Is the vaccine contraindicated for anyone with certain medical conditions, or conditions like pregnancy?

Those who have had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, or a severe allergic reaction to any of its ingredients should not get the vaccine. Anyone with medical concerns should talk with their primary care physician.

Will we still need to wear masks and practice physical distancing once a vaccine is available?

We will still need to wear masks and practice physical distancing until a large proportion of the population is vaccinated and we are sure the vaccine provides long-term protection.

Can someone get Covid-19 from the vaccine?

No, it is not possible to get Covid-19 from vaccines. Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 use inactivated virus.

Rockridge Goal is to be 90% Vaccinated for staff and residents

There will be 4 dates given to us as early as January, and will be available via Walgreens.

As soon as we have these dates we will notify staff and residents. This vaccination will need 2 doses.

Round 1

On Date 1 – All staff and residents are encouraged to come and make this date work. As a thank you for your dedication, time and flexibility to come on these dates, we will be giving you a $100 Visa gift card.

On Date 2 – All staff and residents are encouraged to come and make this date work. As a thank you for your dedication, time and flexibility to come on these dates, we will be giving you a $100 Visa gift card.

3- 4 weeks wait in between

Round 2

On Date 3 – 2nd dose for round 1 Staff and Residents.

On Date 4 – 2nd dose for round 1 Staff and Residents.

We will also host a raffle for up to $17,500 in prizes for those that return for their 2nd dose and if we complete 90% vaccinated by employee location.

Have More Questions? We’re Here to Help

We are always available for assistance. If you have any additional questions about our enhanced safety measures, please use the form below to reach out to us.