Myths About Assisted Living


What is Assisted Living?


Assisted living is a term used to indicate the help that is available in a senior living community.  It may be as simple as having home cooked meals or housekeeping done for you.  When needed, wellness staff can help with medications, assist in the shower or help you to and from meals and activities.

Myth #1- Assisted living is a Nursing home - This is an extremely common misconception; as for quite some time nursing care was the model.

Nursing Care is a clinical setting with critical care services 24/7. Assisted living is your own apartment where you can receive help from staff 24/7, when needed.
• Private or shared room where medical needs dictate care received.

• Furniture provided by facility.

• Meals are provided by dining services in your room.

• Activities provided by staff.

• Medical needs such as feeding, rolling in bed, injectable medications and two-person transfer.
• Your apartment is personal space where you have the key and can come and go.

• Bring in your own furniture and decorate, you can even paint the walls.
• Your own kitchen to cook or decide to eat with other residents in dining room
• Daily activities onsite, transportation to errands, events and Dr’s office
• Increase assistance as needed, help with medications, showering, continence

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