With the growing concern about the spread of Coronavirus and how it may impact our communities, the health and safety of our residents remain our top priority on all the campuses at Deaconess Abundant Life Communities. Infection control has always been a top priority for our organization and our dedication to providing a safe environment for our residents, and the staff who care for them, is unwavering. We continue to diligently monitor information and guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We remain committed to inform and educate, while remaining available to answer any questions residents and families may have.

Myths about Independent Living


What is Independent Living?


Independent living is a community designed for seniors, and has a wide scope of activities with a focus on building new friendships.  While there is always hesitation about moving, we wanted to take a few minutes to debunk the top 3 myths.




Living in a retirement community means losing my independence.

While our staff takes care of the daily cooking and cleaning, you get to spend time doing the things that you enjoy – how about those hobbies that have been packed away?

Moving away from my family means no one will be around to help when needed.

While loved ones are a phone call away, our staff is here 24/7 to help as needed.  We can help with maintenance, meals and wellness – we can even help program tv remotes!

Moving to Independent living means saying goodbye to hobbies.

Its actually the opposite, our team will meet with you and find out what you enjoy.  There are monthly meetings to check in to see what everyone is enjoying or wanting to see more of. Country ride anyone?


When moving to Rockridge, we will help to show the positives to letting go of the cooking, cleaning and maintenance so you can enjoy your fun filled days with others.

While you may move in not needing any assistance, we are fortunate enough to be certified for both independent and assisted living. This means that if there comes a time when your needs change you won’t need to move. You would be able to stay within the community; with the new friends you’ve made and still be able to keep up your new busy schedule!

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